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After you have contacted us, there will always be a first, non-binding and, of course, free meeting at your place - to get to know each other, to exchange ideas and to give your cat the first opportunity to get to know us.

Not every animal is the same. Some need more attention than others, some need medication, some are already happy with a little company. And because we know this, we don't provide off-the-shelf care. Instead, we offer three service packages. Each of them can, of course, be individualized to meet your needs.


45 min

(dedicated to the Australian house cat Jessie, who ran 3,000 kilometers to her old home after a move *)
  • We feed according to the feeding schedule, refresh the drinking water and clean the bowls.
  • We clean the litter boxes, add additional litter and dispose of the waste in the trash.
  • We play with your cat and provide petting and cuddling. We do not impose ourselves, but offer ourselves. Your cat decides what it wants to accept.

1x daily 32,90 €
2x daily 62,90 €


60 min

(dedicated to Merlin, the house cat with the loudest purr in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records *)

Includes all services of the package "Jessie" and additionally:

  • Let's clean drinking fountains, feeders and existing intelligence toys.
  • We take care of grooming.
  • We administer medications such as tablets, drops, etc.

1x daily 37,90 €
2x daily 72,90 €


75 min

(dedicated to Félicette, the first cat in space *)

Includes all services of the package "Jessie" and additionally: 

  • We provide individualized care for your cat. If desired, also according to the principles of BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) or activity feeding.
  • We work intensively with your cat, for example in the form of clicker training.
  • We go for walks using the cat leash.
  • Let's do more complex medication administration such as insulin injections.

1x daily 42,90 €
2x daily 79,90 €


Day visits

Of course, our care concept does not only take effect during your absence, but can also be used in everyday life. For example, if you have very long work days ahead of you and don't want your pet to be alone for that long, we'll be happy to come over and cuddle for all it's worth. Leash walks can also take place and clicker training is always a great way to keep your cat meaningfully occupied. If you wish, you will always receive a short situation report together with a photo of your darling electronically.

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The offered packages cover the needs of almost all our animal customers. There is no rule without exception, so we are happy to work with you to tailor the concept for your cat, for example, by combining the packages. In the same way it is possible to add a special vacation service. In this case, we will also water your plants, get the mail from the mailbox, or put out the garbage can.

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