Your cat. You have taken responsibility for it's life.

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You buy their food, you ensure they are cared for, you watch after their health.

Become a franchise partner

But what you unfortunately cannot do: Always be with them.

Become a franchise partner

But we can - for your cat. And for you.

Become a franchise partner


Through loving professionalism

Care Guarantee

No matter what happens, we will never let you down, but offer you the security of knowing your pet is always taken care of. Whether you return later than planned from a trip, or your sitter falls ill at short notice: we take care of it. Guaranteed.


We are selective in the choice of our employees. All sitters are permanently employed by us, have a clean police record, are reliable and trustworthy, and respect and value the very private character of your home.

Education and training

Qualified care requires qualified caregivers. That is why we train our teams intensively and continuously, also with the support of experienced experts - incidentally, also in the recognition of signs of disease and the initiation of first aid measures.

Needs oriented care

Tailor-made for humans and animals

Cats are members of the family. For their well-being, they need more than just food and a clean litter box. Miez & Maunz stands for a needs-oriented care concept that goes far beyond the basic things. We know that you cannot be replaced. But we can ensure that your furry companion lacks nothing during your absence. We promise you that!


Species appropriate and stress free care

We always care for your pets in their familiar surroundings, where they feel comfortable and safe and can also go to their favorite retreats at any time. This conveys a sense of security, reduces stress and lowers the inhibition threshold for the cat to approach us.


Cats decide for themselves and independent

We do not impose ourselves, but offer our attention to your cat - whether and when they accept it, and only they decide and at their own pace. If necessary, we also ensure a professional administration of medication including insulin.


Cats are creatures of habit

Therefore, during your absence, we continue the usual rituals at the usual times. Whether it's feeding, play and cuddle times, or medication administration - your cat gets what it needs. When she needs it.

Miez & Maunz

The agency for cat sitting

Why an agency for cat sitting? In one word: professionalism. We don't just send someone over to you, but carefully select the ideal person for your job. Due to our large, multilingual team, we also have the possibility to bypass language barriers in advance, to take cultural differences into account and to fulfill appropriate special requests.

In addition, Miez and Maunz is practically always available in case of an unforeseen problem. And even in the case of medical emergencies, we can react quickly in coordination with you, have your darling treated by a veterinarian and cover the costs.

Last but not least, we have a large network of other experts, always keep our knowledge up to date, visit trade fairs and cooperate with food and toy manufacturers. In short: We do everything to offer the best solutions for you and your cat.


The care packages

After you have contacted us, there will always be a first, non-binding and of course free meeting at your place - to get to know each other, to exchange ideas and to give your cat the first opportunity to get to know us. Not every animal is the same. Some need more attention than others, some are already happy with a little company, others are very shy or need to be medicated. And because we know this, we don't provide off-the-shelf care. Instead, we offer three care packages that vary in the services included and the amount of time spent in care. If you would like our sitters to spend more time with your cat, you can also make your choice based purely on the care time listed below. Of course, each package can be customized according to your wishes.


45 min

(dedicated to the Australian house cat Jessie, who ran 3,000 kilometers to her old home after a move *)
  • We feed according to the feeding schedule, refresh the drinking water and clean the bowls.
  • We clean the litter boxes, add additional litter and dispose of the waste in the trash.
  • We play with your cat and provide petting and cuddling. We do not impose ourselves, but offer ourselves. Your cat decides what it wants to accept.

1x daily 32,90 €
2x daily 62,90 €


60 min

(dedicated to Merlin, the house cat with the loudest purr in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records *)

Includes all services of the package "Jessie" and additionally:

  • Let's clean drinking fountains, feeders and existing intelligence toys.
  • We take care of grooming.
  • We administer medications such as tablets, drops, etc.

1x daily 37,90 €
2x daily 72,90 €


75 min

(dedicated to Félicette, the first cat in space *)

Includes all services of the package "Jessie" and additionally: 

  • We provide individualized care for your cat. If desired, also according to the principles of BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) or activity feeding.
  • We work intensively with your cat, for example in the form of clicker training.
  • We go for walks using the cat leash.
  • Let's do more complex medication administration such as insulin injections.

1x daily 42,90 €
2x daily 79,90 €



Here we grow beyond ourselves

Starting from our base in Munich, further locations have been added as part of our franchise concept - with wonderful partners who operate independently and responsibly, and who are fully committed to our support concept.

Miez & Maunz

Standards for added professionalism and quality

Understanding and dealing with cats, their nature, needs and actions is a challenging task - to put it mildly. And quite a few people make mistakes in dealing with them that could be avoided with more knowledge about the animals. The same applies to the topic of independence. Here, too, you need advanced knowledge on the topics of business development, customer acquisition, advertising measures, profitability, legal issues and much more. After all, it is about one's own existence.

Knowledge and knowledge, which Miez and Maunz-Gründerin Agnes Hanning would like to pass on gladly and for it special seminars for all interested developed. Whether pet owners/inside, independent cat sitters/inside or prospective franchise partners/inside: Agnes is looking forward to meeting you in person - and here's more info!

Our next seminars:

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