Skyline, passion & versatility-that's our Frankfurt am Main.

But also anonymity, fast pace & the search for a perfect care for your own furry companions are not uncommon in Frankfurt.

And in many cases, necessity is the mother of invention.

This was also the case with us. Because on every vacation or business trip, the question comes up: "Who will take care of my 20-year-old cat...?" Unfortunately, the options for pet owners are very limited. Until now.

I, Sarah, am fortunate to have a wonderful family like Sandy, who has owned cats of their own for many years and can point to many years of experience around cats. I was fortunate that Sandy took it upon herself to care for my cat while I was away, playing with him and giving him the needed attention he deserved.

But not everyone has this opportunity. Inspired by these circumstances and the desire to give other four-legged companion owners the freedom, we, Sarah & Sandy, became inventive. We would like to be the support for cat owners in Frankfurt, Langen and the surrounding area, on whom one can rely. A friend or even family, which deals with passion, know-how and patience with the sensitive animals. Because there is nothing better than to travel with the best conscience and to know that their own cat is optimally cared for.

After a long search and pondering, we came across Miez & Maunz and an emergency situation turned into a life's work. Miez & Maunz at the Frankfurt am Main site was launched.

Böttgerstraße 12
Frankfurt on the Main
+49 17669878775

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Frankfurt on the Main

We offer different care packages, which differ in the included service and care time. If you want our sitters to spend more time with your cat, you can also make your choice purely based on the care time listed below.

1x daily 32,90 €
2x daily 62,90 €

1x daily 37,90 €
2x daily 72,90 €

1x daily 42,90 €
2x daily 79,90 €

Please note that the small business tax regulation applies at this location and therefore no VAT is shown.
All prices include VAT.

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